We are now selling our dressings and sauces to go! Ask us about it! It's fun in here, get off your couch and join us at the restaurant :) we have 3 TVs, great inexpensive wine (for SF), 9 beers on tap, play good tunes and have an outdoor patio! Join us on Wednesdays for...Wine Wednesday! Wine specials all night and Thursday for Thirsty Thursday beer specials all night, so come on down and hang out with us! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook! SF Mandate surcharge: including but not limited to minimum wage increases and healthcare benefits for our staff


Each pizza is individually hand tossed to order and baked in a traditional brick oven,
our pizzas take a minimum of 25-30 minutes. Sorry, no topping substitutions on specialty pies.

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14" 21.50 20" 27.50

Pizza by the Slice